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It's your day,
It's about no one but You,
and You are going to so enjoy this.....

You arrive mid-morning at the beautiful cottage in the heart of Suffolk.
You're welcomed with Champagne, canopies and chocolates.

Music plays and beautiful Boudoir Prints gradually help get you in the right frame of mind.

My hair and make-up artist arrives a little later and begins the transformation from you to whoever you will be today- maybe a Hollywood film-star, maybe an elegant model, or perhaps a super sexy vamp.

It's your chance to be someone else.....

Towards the end of your make-up I'll arrive and we'll get to know each other while I get some relaxed shots of the final stages of make-up.
Then onto the shoot proper - we'll use all the settings the cottage has to offer, the downstairs lounge and it's lovely sofa, the stairs, and the bedroom. You can change as often as you like during the two hour shoot.

I'll gently work with you all the way through to help you achieve the look you want, elegant, mischievous, tempting or just plain sexy.

Afterwards I'll go back to my office to work my magic on the photos and return about 3 hours later. You, in the meantime can relax, go for a walk or even pop into Bury St Edmunds for a bit of shopping.

I'll show you your photos on the TV screen and you can choose those to go in the complimentary large album, and anymore for printing as Acrylics, posters, framed prints etc. There's a huge choice to suit whatever you want.

I'll leave to enjoy the rest of the evening and you can leave whenever you're ready.

This is one day you'll never forget.....

A week or so later I'll send you the album and the 25 minute video of your day with me - another way to re-live this most unusual day.
Your album and prints will arrive in due course for you to always remember who you can be.