The Ultimate Indulgence As Part Of Your Wedding

Bridal Boudoir Wedding Dress

Before we delve into what bridal boudoir is let’s address what just plain old boudoir photography is…

Put simply it’s a genre of photography devoted to a woman's beauty.

It’s all about intimate photos of you, usually in underwear or partly nude (or possibly nude too) in a suitable location where the photographer uses light, photographic techniques, pose and emotion to create images that go beyond a simple photo and portray you as a work of art. 

It’s all about what’s not shown, it’s about intrigue, about expressing your sexuality in an elegant sophisticated way.

And it’s for you.

Contrast this with pornography which is entirerly for the consumption by others - boudoir photography is only ever meant for you, if you wish for your partner too but no one else.

Bridal boudoir is a genre within this for brides to be who want to have beautiful, intimate, art inspired images of themselves to coincide with their wedding day.
Not necessarily on the same day of course but very often to be shared with your new husband on your first night together as husband and wife.

The main difference between normal boudoir photography and bridal boudoir photography is outfits. Whereas “normal” boudoir would encompass a wide range of outfits from a simple white shirt to an elaborate corset, stockings and high heels. Bridal boudoir would only feature white. White underwear, white stockings and high heels often combined with a petticoat from the wedding dress and the wedding dress itself of course. For me the setting is also restricted to a typical honeymoon suite - large bed, simple decor and furnishing all photographed in a soft gentle yet sexy and enticing way. 


Let’s take a look at some of the

frequently asked questions

about Bridal Boudoir




Bridal Boudoir Experience
Boudoir photography

WHY would I do a bridal boudoir shoot?

Best answered by some feedback from some real boudoir clients,
"What a wonderful experience - I really found a new side of me I never knew existed!”
"I felt so confident and alive - with all the attention on you it makes you feel so special and for a change it was just me - a chance to be totally selfish yet not at all guilty”,
"I can’t believe that’s me in the photos - something to lift me on down days”
"Loved the whole experience and could feel my confidence rise all through the shoot - felt like a million dollars by the end!”

As we’re talking specifically BRIDAL BOUDOIR
there are some other reasons you might be
so glad you did one.

The whole point of bridal boudoir is to make you feel confident and on top of the world BEFORE your wedding - so the window of opportunity is limited in time. Don’t miss this time!
Really it’ll be such FUN - bring along a bridesmaid (or two!) and have a party!  (Seriously I have done a few bridal boudoir shoots with several women together and got crazy wonderful unforgettable photos)
SURPRISE your husband on your wedding night - show him your album as soon as you’re alone - the icing on the cake or what!

Why is bridal boudoir so popular?

There’s many reasons to do a bridal boudoir photo shoot. 

I’m told by my clients that the number one reason for doing a Bridal Boudoir shoot is that it is a fantastic confidence booster. During the months before your wedding you’ll probably have been getting into the shape of your life - maybe dieting, exercising and more pampering than normal. So there’s never going to be a better time to capture you at your very best: when you are looking and feeling really great both physically and mentally to create an intimate gallery of pictures that you can treasure forever.

What to Wear to a Bridal Boudoir Shoot?

So this is from my perspective as your photographer who wants you to look stunningly beautiful, elegant and sexy. As this is a “bridal” boudoir shoot the normal range of outfits is. I’d suggest, reduced to:-
A one piece teddy - white of course - there’s so much we can do with something so simple you’ll be amazed.
Two piece bra/panties - yea white again
A baggy white shirt - can mix and match with every other outfit and also be used when, if, you want nude shots that actually show very little.
A soft pastel coloured loose fitting jumper which like the shirt can be mixed and matched.
Stockings - white:-) 
HIgh heels - if you have your wedding shoes bring them along
Other wedding underwear - whilst I think bringing your dress along is asking too much (but if you're happy to then go for it) maybe you could bring a petticoat, maybe a corset.
And whilst Hair and Makeup will always be included you could maybe get a pedicure and manicure before the shoot.
And finally, a note on clothes - it’s really more flattering to wear correctly fitting clothes to avoid that tight squeezed in look. One size larger clothes won’t notice at all in the photos but anything that digs in and squeezes you certainly will. 


How much does a Bridal Boudoir Shoot cost in East Anglia?

Seriously - it’s not going to be cheap.
This is part of your wedding - a once in a lifetime experience - something you’ll look back on in 30 years and be SO GLAD you did it.
Ok, your fiance can take some photos I guess and if he has a proper camera maybe a few would look ok printed - but now is not a time to deprive yourself and settle for second best.
A professional boudoir photographer will know and have a lot of experience, have the right camera gear, have a studio, will know what to wear to show you at your best, how to pose you, how to get the best lighting and much more.
This is all specialised and even good photographers wouldn’t get great photos on their first try at boudoir.
As a guide and breaking down the costs involved:-
Studio  £80
Hair and Makeup Artist £90
Photographer - 4 hours at the studio plus 6 hours editing and processing images and creating album £300
Album itself £150

So these basic costs have to be met just to break-even - that’s £620

You’ll maybe find Boudoir Photographers may offer a Bridal package starting at £495  - top photographers maybe over £1000 (do note that “top” means most visible online and not necessarily “best” - DO YOUR RESEARCH!)

Bridal Boudoir Suffolk

Here is my Bridal Boudoir Package....

* The shoot takes place at one of several beautiful top class hotels that I have arranged to use who offer sumptious decor and furnishings
* Hair and Make Up by a professional artist

* Three hour photoshoto where you may change as often as you want 

* Advice and discussions beforehand regarding what to wear, what "style" and "look" do you want and how we'll acheive that.
* Prosecco and refreshments during the session

* Detailed instruction for every shot so you get the very best photos of you, the best pose, the best light, the best everythiing!

* I'll select 60 images for editing - this means every image is adjusted for lighting, colour, and 20 other technical details - PLUS - if you want, skin improving as required to get that magazine model look.
* All 60 images uploaded to your own private online gallery - all images are shareable and downloadable
* A 16"x12" Mounted Giclee Fine Art Print of your favourite image
* A 12" square Hardcover Photo album containing all 60 images over 20 pages.




Additional products are available should you require even more. Details on request



If purchased as part of my "Excelsior" Wedding Package the above
price reduces to £295