Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boudoir Photography?
My interpretation is that it's intimate portraiture in the woman's bedroom. The images should be romantic, glamorous, intimate and sexy and should be the best photos you'll ever have. It's your chance to be a cover-girl, to be that someone you've only dreamt about.

Is this at home or a studio?
So to explain.
I provide TWO PACKAGES - The Experience or The Shoot
The Experience is at my Country Lodge whilst The Shoot takes place wherever you want. This can be your home, your friends house, a local hotel - wherever YOU want.

Your home is probably most convenient and is where you'll be most relaxed. However it's often difficult to get even a couple of hours total peace and quiet there and maybe you're not completely happy with the decor etc. Then you could maybe use a friends house or local hotel - I'll leave all this to you and I'm able to do the actual Boudoir Shoot anywhere! The photos will be fantastic where ever we are.
For The Experience  I have selected a gorgeous detached Lodge in the beautiful Suffolk countryside where you'll immediately feeling relaxed, chilled, and will add to the whole "experience" of the Boudoir shoot. It's yours for the entire day.

Do You Supply a Make-up Artist or Hairdresser?
Yes as part of the "Experience" and No as part of "The Shoot". It's not included in "The Shoot" as you may want a friend to do this or even do it yourself - you can choose.
For "The Experience"y make-up and hair stylist Sharron will work with you to create exactly the "look" that you want for your photos. Maybe an elegant, sophisticated Parisian - maybe a rock chic, or  Hollywood film-star. 

The Biggy - How Much?

The "Experience" is so much more than a photo shoot - I didn't want to "just" give you some amazing photos. I want this to be a day you'll remember forever - literally. So I arrange the Lodge, my Stylist, there's champagne, chocolates and canopies - there's music and a day to escape from the normal and totally focus on you.
So the package is £195 which includes:-
The Lodge for the whole day
Hair and Make-up
Champagne. chocolates, flowers and music.

Me! for the whole day - from before you arrive to when you leave - a two hour plus photo shoot where you may change as often as you want

40 individually edited and if required, photo shopped images to choose from - choose any 20 for your 20 page 10" square Album.
A 20 minute video of your day on DVD
You are of course then welcome to choose from the many choices of Wall Art - canvases, framed prints, acrylics, and USB digital collection. There's so much to choose from it's easier to discuss on the day but most clients do spend around £300 on additional art.

"The Shoot" is £90 and includes:-
A 2 hour Boudoir photo shoot at your chosen location within an hours drive of my office - if it's further then I'll charge an additional £20 per hours driving.
A 15 minute video/slideshow of your photo shoot on DVD.
A 10"x 10" Hard Cover album with your favourite 20 images.
You are of course then welcome to choose from the many choices of Wall Art - canvases, framed prints, acrylics, and USB digital collection. There's so much to choose from it's easier to discuss on the day but most clients do spend around £300 on additional art.

But I only want Digital images I can print myself.

I get this - really I do. But this isn't a "normal" photo-shoot - THIS IS SOMETHING FOR LIFE
I've been a professional photographer for many years and I know what'll happen - the digital images get looked at on your phone a few times. Period
I put every effort I can into creating an heirloom for you - something to treasure forever. A work of ART.

So yes - you can have just the digital images on a USB (the 20 Page Album is included in the price anyway so you will have something printed! ) The USB is the entire collection of 40 images only.

I'd Love to Do This But I'm Too Nervous (or shy, or I'm a bit overweight, or I don't have time, or it's too expensive)

YEP - with everything in life there's always a reason to either not do it, or do it tomorrow. We all do it.
I really should go to the dentist for a check up - no really - it's months overdue. But I haven't made an appointment.
So look - it's up to you - But let me give you a saying I've tried to live by - it's got me into trouble a few times but has given me so many memories I wouldn't have had otherwise.

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do 

than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe

harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails MARK TWAIN.


Everyone without exception is nervous on the day - it's OK. 
No one is in "the perfect shape" 
There's Always Time for YOU
It's not cheap I agree but we always find a way to get want we really want (and I do offer a payment plan)

Why Would You Want to Book a Boudoir Shoot?

I've heard so many reasons women have booked a Boudoir Shoot with me.
From a celebration of a milestone - maybe losing that weight - turning xx years old, through to a gift for your S.O. , getting over an illness or bad relationship.
Or sometimes simply because "I want to do it!" 

Does the Shoot Have to be "The Experience" with all the associated costs or could I do this at home?
Some women will feel more secure and comfortable at home. In that case then yes, of course we can do this at home and that is "The Shoot"
 We'll discuss everything before booking but you can choose whether to do your own make-up or not, where you'll do this, etc.
The cost will be £90 for the actual shoot (midweek or £115 Weekend) 
We'll discuss the ways you can receive your photos prior to booking.

Can I have a Friend Along
Of course.
You can have a female friend or relative or your partner - I do prefer, for the actual shoot, for it to be just you and me. We need to build a rapport, and you need to feel able to be the other person that you want to be today and it's likely that a third person would inhibit you and we'll not get such great photos. However it's YOUR day and if you  really want someone else there during the shoot then of course you can.

There's a Hundred more Questions I could Try and Answer Here But If
There's Something Not Answered

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