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Are You Scared to do a Boudoir Shoot? Read this...

Long read but so worth it…

I started a conversation with Julie middle of last year.

Several emails boiled down to she’d love to do a shoot but couldn’t see herself as a Boudoir client, couldn’t afford it and wasn’t sure her partner would be totally approving.

See I’m really patient so…

I kept in touch and I could almost feel her anxiety about doing it yet something inside made her want to do it but “stuff” was stopping her. Dozens of emails and chats later and her partner actually was pretty excited about the idea – not what she expected. I’d created a payment plan to spread the cost (which btw still is available)

So now it was just her fears and lack of confidence holding her back (and was probably the root issue all along)

So I suggested we do a “glamour” shoot instead.

Still beautiful photos, hair and makeup, champagne and chocolates but all fully dressed. But maybe just in case, bring along some outfits for a few boudoir shots so we can do if you feel you want to.

The day arrived....

As Julie’s hair and makeup was being done we chatted. Then we started the shoot with headshots and portraits. She relaxed and asked if she could try maybe some “conservative” boudoir shots. She changed and we did exactly those type of shots – then at some point a switch flipped and she forgot her insecurities; in the space of a few minutes all the barriers that were trying to hold her back were gone.

She was free.

Honestly I nearly cried – to see a woman transform there in front of me so dramatically – to feel her new found confidence and love for herself. It made my year.

Here’s what she said ..

“Hey Allen. You already know what a challenge it was for me to book the boudoir shoot and even on the day I very nearly found an excuse to not turn up. I was shaking during h&mu and although you’d kindly agreed that we’d do a glamour shoot rather than boudoir you didn’t know that I was secretly determined to do at least a few boudoir shots. I want to thank you so much for your patience and perseverance with me. I feel transformed by the shoot and resulting photos – everyday I think back to that day and I’m sure I’ll never be quite the same again – my confidence is sky high and I find it hard to believe that taking a few photos could have such an effect. Please tell other women about this as I know how transforming it is. I wish you all the best and thanks again. Julie”

What more can I possibly add...

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