• Allen Blasdell

Boudoir Photographer in Suffolk

I'm gonna be a bit outspoken here and say that most boudoir photography falls into the category that I would call, "women in their underwear" or "an ad for Victoria's Secret" I believe that Boudoir photography should be more than that.

Boudoir Photography in Suffolk
Boudoir Photography in Suffolk

For me Boudoir photography is all about light and shadow, tones of colour and pose. These come together to create emotion - a good photograph should not be just something to look at but should create a feeling or emotion. You might expect these Boudoir photos to be be "sexy" or "seductive" but for me that's too obvious - I prefer to use sexy in a more suggestive way rather than blatant in your face style. I'm also a big fan of older film photographs as film really did have a special quality that modern digital cameras lack - we're now so concerned with really sharp images, super clean looking and for me that's all too clinical. I have spent months developing a "look" that perfectly resembles Kodachrome Colour film from the 60's and 70's. The "art" of boudoir photography is in the setting, the story telling and style. Some people will not like my style - some will love it. If you're in the "Love it" group get in touch for more details - let's make art! Contact Me HERE

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