• Allen Blasdell

Free Boudoir Shoot - Winners

I've just got to do the Boudoir Shoots with the 2 Women who won my June Free Boudoir Shoot Competition.

I thought it only fair to have two winners. So thank you to everyone who entered and I'm pleased that many accepted my "Consolation Prize" special offer. That's here btw! Why did I have so many women enter the Free Competition? Why is doing a Boudoir Shoot something to consider?

Well let me keep it very brief - based on the scores of women I've worked with on a Boudoir Shoot let me give you their words and thoughts. It's confidence inspiring It's fun It's out of the "ordinary" and something to look back on for years to come and smile. It's a way to mark the end of something in their life - or the start of something new It's simply a celebration of being a women who values herself for what she is.

I'll be running another competition soon so look out for that. In the meantime here are just a few quick photos from Julie and Emma's shoots at the weekend - oh first is a Review by Alison from this past Saturday.....

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