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Shona's Boudoir Shoot.

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Shona contacted me a few weeks ago and was "interested" in a Boudoir shoot. I felt there was something behind her wanting to do the Boudoir shoot but of course didn't probe too deeply. There were several things I reassured her about and gradually she got closer and closer to booking - and then she did.

We did the shoot a couple of days ago and below is an email from Shone the following day and then her testimonial on Facebook. I've done these as "screen shots" as they're so amazing it would be easy to believe they were made up. They're real.....

Boudoir Photo Shoot with Shona

It would be a privilege to meet you and do a boudoir shoot. Just get in touch and let's begin this journey to amazing :-) Allen https://www.boudoirbyallen.co.uk/contact-me

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