When The Photos Are Most Important...

Whilst "The Experience" offers an unbeatable whole day's boudoir photo shoot experience it maybe that for you, it's more about the photos.

Elegant, stylish and a future heirloom - photos you'll treasure

For most women a Boudoir Shoot is a challenge. And it's that, that makes it so special!  Let's face it if it was popping down to the shops and sitting in a booth for 3 minutes it really wouldn't be very special!

This is a rare thing, something you'll need to think about, something to discuss with friends maybe. But once you've done it you will be a different person - it's really that life changing.

So "THE SHOOT" is the easiest way I can offer you the same quality photos as "The Experience"
but for less cost and with more flexibility.
You decide where

You decide if you want a make-up artist

So this is a two hour Boudoir Photo Shoot at your home, someone else's home, a local hotel.

You decide where and then, do you want a make up artist or will you use a friend, relative or

even do it yourself. You decide.


I'll give you exactly the same level of photography as the more expensive "Experience" without you even leaving your house!

Priced at £105 

I'm doing the Boudoir Shoot because women spend too long looking at what's wrong with themselves like I did rather than the hidden beauty inside.

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The Details

Book your date - USE THE CHATBOX below to get in touch and let's work out a date 

I'll send you Full Details of exactly what's involved - suggestions for outfits and much more.

I'll arrive at the location you've chosen and after a nice relaxed chat (and coffee please!) we'll slowly get started with the shoot - this will last around two hours.

I'll then leave - at the office I'll select 40 images and individually edit these to perfection.

These will be uploaded to an online gallery and I'll send you a link so you can select which 20 you'd like in your album

I'll then create your album and 15 minute video/slideshow.
The album and DVD will reach you within a few days

These are photographs you'll love to look at everyday rather than hid away in a drawer so during the shoot I'll have shown you some examples of wall art that's available to showcase this beautifu.
l woman as art. Acrylic's, framed prints and wallboards. Once you've seen you gallery of 40 images you may choose some for printing.
If you'd prefer all 40 images on a USB drive that too is available.

Email BoudoirByAllen@Gmail.Com
Phone 0-7425 169341 

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