FIVE Reasons...

Why do a Boudoir Shoot?
So pleased you asked!

Glamour Model-14.JPG

It's FUN!!!

If your idea of a Boudoir Shoot is being serious, trying to be a professional model in some big open studio with a ton of bright lights and a bossy photographer 

Honestly, no matter who I've done shoots with there's always a lot of laughs and giggling.

Nothing is too serious and the studio is small, warm and inviting with a big patio door so no artificial lights.

There's no "crew" - you can totally relax and certainly NOT a bossy photographer!

Confidence Inspiring

OK - look I'm a guy and if I'm honest I don't totally get this one.
Or maybe I do - see 98% of women who've done a shoot with me have said to me at some point, that their confidence is way higher now than before the shoot.

You Ladies (I'm actually rather good at understanding women!) seem to have a lot of confidence issues - you're too fat, your hair is drab, when did those lines appear, what's hubby going to say, your sis said never to do this....
But having the balls to say "stuff it - I'm doing this" seems to have a really dramatic effect on your personal beliefs and changes the way you see yourself.

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Since the dawn of photography we've used photographs to timestamp our lives.
Babies, children, holidays cars and houses all get photographed.

Yet we seldom allow ourselves the vanity to get great photographs of us - even less photos that really tell the story of who we were at a particular moment in our lives.

And before we know it, it's gone - it's history and we missed that chance.

Boudoir photos are about you, they're personal and intimate and will stop time forever - you'll always be this person.

Damn Good Photos

If I say so myself I do create some outstandingly good photos.

Ok some images you'll want to be private but there are certainly many from every shoot which can be used simply as art.

Clients have had massive acrylic prints done that adorn their living room. I offer a range of true "art" prints that will enhance your bedroom. 
Why buy a poster print of some beautiful sexy woman for your bedroom when it can be you instead.

You ARE beautiful, sexy, glamorous and you can certainly be that art.


It's With Me

"He expects me to believe that's a reason?"

Actually I do.
See, I see a lot of stuff about Boudoir Photographers and their photos. I hate to criticise but mostly their photos are what I call "women in their underwear" It's a woman
(and so often what you see are models not real women - ALL my photos on my website are REAL women who've allowed me to use their images) just standing or sitting OR in some ridiculous pose with clutter in the background that looks as if it was shot on a smart phone.

I don't do that 

It took me 6 months to find the studio because I wanted perfect natural light, seclusion, with no distracting backgrounds in photos.
I use top quality professional cameras and expensive prime lenses to ensure the photos are the very best possible.
I searched for over a year to find a print process that gives my prints a unique "look" - I hate glossy prints and matt is even worse. My prints look like detailed watercolour paintings and guaranteed for 80 years printed on thick hand made German paper.

There's a famous female boudoir photographer in the States making $500k a year and she uses a cheap camera (I mean £150) and a kit lens (£150) and claims she does good photos. As a professional photographer with decades of experience I know that if a client wants a 20"x16" print it will look rubbish - she's just really good at marketing. They're in the UK too...

On every shoot I strive for great images - I don't have a "set" series of shoots but tailor every shoot to the individual.

That's enough trumpet blowing....

I've never felt so sassy in all my life!

Wow - just seen the gallery Allen. If only you could see my face - I really do feel like a filmstar - amazing.

That was amazing! I never thought of myself like this but I really do look gorgeous!! Loved every moment - thank you

You made me feel so good about myself - I can't thank you enough Allen. An amazing experience and would recommend to any woman - it's so worth it.

But Don't Take My Word...

At the start - nervous, no self-confidence, and almost fearful.
At the end smiling from ear to ear, full of confidence and just buzzing. Took me a couple of days to get back to normal. Fantastic

For once it was, as you say, all about me and it felt wonderful - to be the centre of attention and just feel beautiful and sexy yet elegant and desirable. I feel ten years younger!


Let me tell you more about the "Boudoir Experience"

Then decide if this is for you at this time.

Take a look at the details of your day and imagine yourself doing this...