Suffolk Boudoir - Renee

You've always wanted to do this....
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East Anglias's Premier Boudoir

Waiting until you're ready for things in life is a tradegy.

There's no such thing as ready.

There's only now......

Imperfections are beauty; maddness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

Marilyn Monroe

I'd rather regret the things I've done, than regret the things I haven't done.

Lucille Ball

Suffolk Boudoir - Renee
Suffolk Boudoir - Renee

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Suffolk Boudoir - Renee
Suffolk Boudoir - Renee

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Suffolk Boudoir - Renee
Suffolk Boudoir - Renee

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Suffolk Boudoir - Renee
Suffolk Boudoir - Renee

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Feel Like You've Never Felt Before....


I'll be 100% honest and say this is definitely something that 
I never ever thought I would do in my life (or even wanted to for that matter)
It's completely outside ny comfort zone!

But - I was lucky enough to win a Free Boudoir Shoot !!

As yo can imagine I was extremely sceptical, very unsure,

extremely nervous and I absolutely hate having my photo taken at the best of times but I thought... no harm in turning up and let's see what happens :-)
My boudoir attire is most definitely a big fluffy dressing gown and slippers.

But - despite all my reseravtions, at the end of it I'm really glas and so happy I did it!

For no one else but ME..
So ladies if you need a little pick me up and want to feel better about yourself, I can't recommend Allen enough :-)
Even if it's not your thing.... it wasn't mine either but you'll be SO GLAD you did.

Allen is extremely professional, he made me fell completely at ease and comfortable.

I definitley recommend !

Even if it's not your thing.... you'll be so glad you did it.
JulieAnn Alecock

Let me Answer The Questions I'm Sure You Have about Boudoir Photography

Suffolk Boudoir Photographer

This Isn't For Me Is It?

Truly it is - or it can be - it just depends on you and how you see yourself. How you value yourself and how much you believe in you.
Beauty, elegance and sexiness isn't restricted to a certain age or shape. It's who you believe you are and even that will change when you do a boudoir shoot.

Now Isn't The Right Time.

Ha - TODAY is The ONLY Time! 
Tomorrow never comes - you know that surely.

I'm Not Ready Yet

See above :-)

What Does A Boudoir Shoot Actually Entail And What Do I Get

There are more details HERE but essentially I book the studio for you for a whole 24 hours - so arrive when you want - stay overnight if you want - take the opportunity to really indulge yourself. 

It all starts with Hair and Make-Up to bring out the very best version of you - done so that you are the woman you want to be for the shoot.
Included is Proscecco and Canapes and Chocolates!
Then it's at least 2 hours photography with Allen who'll guide you every inch of the way - who'll encourage you - advise you and give you the confidence to make the utmost of your day's photography.

Afterwards there's the photos and video.

There's a beautiful Folio Box containing your 8 favourite images printed on Heritage Photo Paper using the Giclee print lethod guaranteed for 80 years. These are 5x7 prints mounted on acid free card mounts individually wrapped.

There's the 16"x12" Giclee Art Print again mounted on a 20"x16" mount ready for framing if you want.

There's a Designer USB memory stick with 60 full resolution, un-watermaked individually edited photos - every photo of the 60 selected photos is edited for colour, contrast, crop, tone, hue and much more including skin improvements if required (and requested) to give you perfect skin - you'll look the very best!

And finally a 6 minute "hilite" video of the behind the scenes action to look back on the day you took the leap.

Where is the Studio

I use 2 Studios so that I can usually ensure I'm able to accomodate you when it's best for you. They're both within a few minutes of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk

What Do I Wear?

Well it's Your day so you can wear whatever you want - I've had women wear Burlesque outfits and Cosplay. I've had women wear beautiful gowns and dresses but of course at some stage we usually move onto underwear. I have a whole PDF available with outfit ideas and of course here's a perfect excuse to update your wardrobe. 

Why Would I Do A  Boudoir Shoot

Maybe it's an anniversary, maybe a milestone in life or a new beginning - you don't need an excuse!
Maybe it's a present or an erotic surprise for a loved one.

Boudoir Photography has become more popular in the last few years and a Boudoir Session is now often given as a gift for a loved one.  A boudoir photo session is a great way to show off your inner goddess, feel absolutely gorgeous, and leave knowing you ARE a sexy, beautiful woman.


​Whatever the reason you are considering a Boudoir Shoot now is the time - you're here and I'm just a click away to answer any questions or discuss a booking.

What Does It Cost?

I think a better question is "what is it worth" and what do you value?
If you value your self esteem, if you value your beauty and sexy, if seeing yourself as a beautiful, sexy glamorous confident woman is of value, then whatever the cost it's worth it.
However to answer the question

How Do I Book?

Bookings are usually for around a 2 weeks to 6 weeks in advance and I ask for a reservation fee of £50. This secures your date and should you need to move your date this can be done at no additional cost (if done within 7 days of your date). Just Use the Link below and leave me your details and we'll go from there.





If You've Got This Far...

Then "thank you" and I look forward to meeting you and creating magical photos for you during a day of total indulgence!

If you have any questions please ask HERE 

Take Care and All The Best


Not Ready to Book Yet?


I occasionally have "special offers" and if you pop in you email I keep you updated - JUST CLICK HERE