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Glamour Boudoir


Glamour Boudoir Photography for me is the expression of a woman's beauty, both her inner beauty and the visible, in a carefully crafted photograph that is elegant, artistic and yet subtly sexy.

Why would you do this?
Many many reasons :-

To see yourself as someone different to the person you are everyday.

To draw a line under the past and move forward to a new beginning.

To celebrate your beauty.

To do something challenging - overcoming fears and doubts which will boost your confidence and kick start a new you.

Oh and of course it's a total indulgence which you'll enjoy from beginning to end!

I know you're thinking that these are professional models and you could never look that gorgeous but I promise you no one here is a professional model.

Every single one is no different to you and here's just one typical email I received the day after a shoot with Shona:-

A Boudoir shoot with me is not about who you are now...

It's about who you CAN be

It's about your potential

It's about doing something for you for a change...

It's Better To Regret What You've Done Than What You Haven't

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be.
Paul Arden Saatchi & Saatchi Director

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