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BoudoirByAllen in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk - your door to a wonderfully sensual photographic experience.


I create beautiful images of you, images that go way beyond a women in her underwear to something that's art...


It's your choice as to how much or little to reveal - from simple glamour headshots and portraits to totally nude - it's all about you, so as long  as you feel comfortable, that's all that matters.

It's all About Suggestion


Boudoir Photography is all about the unseen, what's suggested, what's hidden rather than what's revealed and that's the magic I bring to know this as work with you to create images that will have you saying, "Wow - is that really me!"


It's All On Your Terms

These images are for you and you alone - unless you want to share with a loved one as is often the case. 
YOU decide what your comfort zone is and what shots you want - the skill and expertise I bring is creating the very best photographs using light and perspective, using photographic techniques to enhance reality.

It's For Anyone


A boudoir photoshoot will make you feel sexy, will give you a feeling of empowerment and confidence that few other things will.
And a Boudoir Photoshoot is for anyone - it's not about pleasing anyone but YOU. Whether you're 24 or 64, whether you're slim or well padded - this is you and this a chance to celebrate you, to see yourself in a different light that will give you confdence and that sexy feeling for many years.


Maybe it's an anniversary, maybe a milestone in life or a new beginning - you don't need an excuse!
Maybe it's a present or an erotic surprise for a loved one.

Boudoir Photography has become more popular in the last few years and a Boudoir Session is now often given as a gift for a loved one.  A boudoir photo session is a great way to show off your inner goddess, feel absolutely gorgeous, and leave knowing you ARE a sexy, beautiful woman.


​Whatever the reason you are considering a Boudoir Shoot now is the time - you're here and I'm just a click away to answer any questions or discuss a booking.

A Boudoir shoot with me is not about who you are now...

It's about who you CAN be

It's about your potential

It's about doing something for you for a change...

It's Better To Regret What You've Done Than What You Haven't

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be.
Paul Arden Saatchi & Saatchi Director

Email BoudoirByAllen@Gmail.Com
Phone 0-7425 169341 

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