My ambition is to simply be the best!
The best boudoir photographer in UK so that I can offer you both an experience and photographs that will literally last a lifetime.

So I was 12 when I got this amazing birthday present -  a camera.
Since then things have changed but the passion, and fascination with photography remains just the same. I used to wait in eager anticipation for my prints to arrive in the post - now I still eagerly look forward to getting back to my office to download all the images from a shoot and see what I've created.

For that's what I do - as a photographer it's about creation. Creating beautiful images that actually better than real life...


As a photographer, I always get the question “Why boudoir?” and the answer to that is simple really. Boudoir doesn’t just empower you, it empowers me, too.

It gives me the chance to go beyond words.

I could say to each of you “you’re beautiful”, but let’s be honest, nine times out of ten, you won’t believe me.

I am privileged enough to get behind the lens of a camera and capture images so beautiful and so powerful that it can bring tears of joy to a woman’s eyes.

I get to be a part of the process of showing, not telling, a woman how truly remarkable she is.

I get to see women truly believe in their worth, their strength, and their beauty, and I gotta say,

I couldn’t imagine doing anything more magical. 

Tel: 07425 169341

Email: BoudoirByAllen@gmail.com

The Willows, Francis Farm, Rattlesden, Suffolk IP30 0RZ

So Here's Why I Do Boudoir Photography..

Apologies for the um's and err's this was completely unrehearsed