The Boudoir Experience…

It’s not just about photos – it’s about a transformational experience that without exception will boost your confidence, change your perspective on who you are, and give you an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.
It’s that Powerful.


It's when you have the big acrylic print on the wall in your bedroom that the experience really pays off - the first thing you'll see everyday is who you can be, you'll feel the confidence it gives you, you'll walk tall and proud that you can be that beautiful glamorous woman in that picture.It was a worthwhile investment.....

From Start to Finish (at the Studio with H&MU)


The day begins with your arrival at the beautiful, detached one bedroom annex in the grounds of a stunning thatched cottage set in the heart of the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

This is yours for the whole day.

My hair and make-up artist Harriett, will arrive and work with you to create the best looking you ever. You can be wild and sassy, elegant and restrained - it's your choice.

We'll begin with shots that aren't at all challenging - some portraits, a few sitting with a negligee or jumper on then gradually move onto some other settings, outfits and poses - BUT ALL YOUR PACE

You can change several times, we can wander around in complete privacy and even get some outdoor shots if you want (and weather permitting) as this place is really private.

If you want a break fine. If you decide a particular outfit makes you too uncomfortable then we'll skip that one.

The shoot usually lasts about 2 hours with several outfit changes and many settings


I'll work on selecting and editing images from the shoot. 


This means perfecting the colour, the exposure, darkening some parts and lighting others - every image is crafted to perfection for you -.maybe I'll artificially extend the image - maybe take two images and create one - often I'll modify the background - and of course create black & white images.

The "Art" of boudoir begins with the setting, the light, your outfits and so on - but ends with these adjustments to move from a

photograph to a work of art.

Providing you've given the ok I'll possibly use frequency separation to enhance your skin tones and remove even the smallest blemish.​


I'll Send The Images To You

I'll upload the images to a secure Online Gallery and send you a link - the gallery enables you to view all the images, share them on Social Media (if you want!) and download the Full Resolution, un-watermarked photos to your own PC.

From there you can get prints, albums, whatever you want.

You can also select images for the products included in your selected pacakge - simply tell me the image numbers and I'll get the products printed and delivered to you.

If there's something special you want, maybe

a huge foamboard print, a framed

print or a luxury album - I

have all these available - just

ask for a pricelist.

Why even consider a Boudoir Shoot?

Because life is short
Because life is about “doing” things that shape who we are.
Because what we do 98% of the time is NOT who we are – it’s the other 2% that defines us.
Because one day you’ll regret not doing it
Because NOW is always the right time
Because YOU are a work of art, you are beautiful and simply you deserve to see this version of you in the most perfect and artistic way possible.

WHAT will you get out of this?

Well everyone is different but what I can tell you is what everyone (seriously I do mean everyone) says after the shoot.

That was such FUN!
AMAZING Experience
 I am completely in love with the results,
Never seen myself like that before! It – loved it!

I had a boudoir shoot done by Allen and it was a fantastic experience

which I would highly recommend to anyone
I really believe every woman should have this done at least

once in their lifetime! it was so much fun! And a truly

empowering experience!

Thank you Allen x


Why do women who do a Boudoir Shoot find it so amazing?

It’s “empowering” – you get to feel and experience a you that is always inside but rarely gets an opportunity to express themselves.
It’s a “confidence booster” – let’s face it, having photos done with very few clothes on with a total stranger is a challenge!

Yet aren’t most of the best memories we all have are of time we overcame something that was difficult? A Sky Dive – Running a Marathon – Getting a Qualification -  Losing Weight. It’s these things that define us, give us lifetime memories and shape who we are.
It’s a Fantastic gift – ask any guy and 95% will say they’d like sexy artistic photos of their wife or partner.

BUT more Importantly it’s a gift for YOU!  

You get memories of the shoot and the amazing feelings of being beautiful,

desirable, sexy and then photos where it’s

YOU that are a work of art.

It's Your Choice...

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I can’t tell you how passionate I am about you doing a Boudoir Shoot – I simply know you’ll love the experience and you’ll have photos afterwards that you’ll look at in decades to come.
This is a life changing opportunity and I look forward to meeting you and creating the work of art that truly is you

Many Thanks