Facebook Free Boudoir Shoot Competition

ONE woman will win a Top of The Range "Cosompolitan" Boudoir Shoot.


A Boudoir Shoot isn't something most women do often. 
It's a special treat
Or maybe a challenge to be overcome
Maybe to mark a special time - a new beginning.

Whatever your reason I see it as my obligation to make this something you'll enjoy, something you'll remember forever and to give you images that make you say, "WOW is that really me!"

Mariah Boudoir-44.JPG

I've given a lot of thought to this Competition and I want it to be many things :-

I want it to be deserving of you - you're special and this probably isn't something you'll do more than once.

I look at many other boudoir photographers photos and think, "a woman in her underwear" 

Nothing more than that!

I'll give you adoreable images of yourself that willl truly change what you think of yourself. 

I want to give you something you'll treasure and that will inspire you, give you confidence and enable you to see yourself as the beautiful woman you are.

I want to live up to my first page ranking on Google as one of Suffolks' premier Boudoir Photographers.

So the whole experience has to be unforgettable - something you'll remember for the rest of your life.

And of course I want it to be FREE!  

So here it is....

1) A Two Hour Boudoir Shoot eother at yor home or at my studio

2) Unlimited outfits and looks

3) Bring along someone to help with H&MU or just to give you confidence

4) Afterwards :-
  40+ fully edited and retouched images in an online gallery

  Choose your favourite 10 images to download

   Choose your favourite image for your professional quality 16" x 12" "Giclee" Fine Art Mounted Print.

   I'll create an Album for you





There were 30 women entered the Facebook Competition - I really couldn't offer this to 30 clients
(this IS my profession after all!) 


This offer will be withdrawn after 6 women have booked
purely on a first come first served basis.

To book please simply contact me here

Many thanks and let's make some art - see you soon,