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Boudoir Photo-Shoot Details


ABOUT OUR PLANNED BOUDOIR SHOOT (You're going to so enjoy this!)

Please do read everything below:-)

Location: The Studio @ The Willows, Low Road, Bardwell, Suffolk IP31 1AS

My Mobile: 07425 169341


I suggest 3 or 4 outfits but with accessories that will enable you to "mix and match" There's no "right" outfits and here are some ideas

If You're doing your own H&MU then of course everything you need for that


When you arrive if you've booked my H&MU artist then she'll get to work. Relax and start to chill out and enjoy the day. If you're doing, or have done your own H&MU then we'll just chat for a while over coffee (or Prosecco or Wine). I want to find out a little about you - who are you? What do you want from the shoot? It's so much better to work with someone I feel I know than simply another client.

You can then change into your first outfit in the bathroom. We'll start out usually with "headshots". I always like to include a fabulous portrait photo which is a nice and relaxed way to kick things off. We'll then gradually move onto shots with props like a stool, chair or the ottoman - I'll tell you exactly what to do so you'll never feel at all uncomfortable or awkward.

We'll move at your pace but later we'll move onto other outfits and shots using the bed with lots of different lighting and angles. Do be aware that creating beautiful photos does take time - there's no rush and it's important the light is right, the background, the props etc.

The entire shoot usually lasts for close to two hours - be prepared to be knackered!

At some point I'll show you samples of the products available - from simple mounted prints to luxurious Floating framed Giclee artwork. But you don't need to make any decisions today.

We'll make an appointment for you to return whenever it's convenient for you to view your photos (or I can come to you if more convenient) - I'll then show you around 80 individually edited and perfected images - some you'll love to bits and you can then decide how you'd like them - as an album, printed, mounted - entirely up to you.

Delivery usually takes a couple of weeks and I'll either drop everything round or sometimes send by post. You can then enjoy deciding which of these superb photos you'll put where:-)


Payment for the shoot is payable 7 days before your booking and is normally non refundable.I'll send a PayPal Invoice 7 days before your booking which allows you to pay either with a Paypal account or ANY card.

Payment for the prints and products you decide upon is due when you order at the viewing appointment.

If you have any queries then of course just get back to me here but otherwise I look forward to creating art with you soon.

Take care and All The Best


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