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Boudoir Photography Suffolk

What's it all about?

Boudoir Photography I mean.

Why even think about doing this? Let me share some recent conversations I've had on that subject....

We always spend a few minutes chatting when clients first arrive for a shoot. How was the journey, did you find the Studio ok and so on.

Then always I ask, "so why are you here today?" Answers are often along the lines of:- a new me, to see myself differently, I've had a difficult year, I've changed recently (lost weight etc)

so I can look back in years to come

I love a challenge

What do my clients get out of it?

Again when we're finished I always ask, "so how was that?"

Invariably it's:- wow that was fun I really enjoyed that thank you so much

can't wait to see the photos

So for my clients it's all about seeing themselves differently to the everyday them, about breaking the mould, rising to a challenge

marking a new beginning

Occasionally it goes even further with some clients calling it "therapy!"

So whatever your reason that you're considering a boudoir shoot there's no right reason to do it. Just be assured that you'll enjoy it, you'll love the photos and it will undoubtedly leave you just a bit different to who you were before.

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