It's Valentines day and you're eagerly waiting, hoping and expecting a surprise from your man.
Maybe a luxurious present, maybe an evening out and certainly flowers, chocolates and champagne!

And what will you give him?

What would his reaction be to you giving him you in a box!

What would his face be like when he opens the luxury, hand made folio box containing eight  individually wrapped mounted photos of you at your boudoir photoshoot.

Superb images of a you he's never seen in photos before, confident, beautiful and sexy - think he'd like that?

Boudoir Folio Box

Now hand him yet another present.....

This one's bigger; you've carefully gift wrapped it. He looks at you with a smile and slowly removes the wrapping paper. 

He sees the sensational mounted Giclee Art Print of your favourite shot from the Boudoir Photo Session. 

He's gonna be putty in your hands for weeks!



NOW is the time to think about and book your Valentimes Boudoir shoot 

I've kept January mostly free for Valentines Boudoir Photo Shoots but places will go fast I'm sure.

To edit and process your photos - to get your prints printed and delivered to you the cut-off for shoots is the end of January.

Just let me know the date you're interested in

Valentine Boudoir
Valentine Boudoir

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Valentine Boudoir Shoot
Valentine Boudoir Shoot

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Boudoir By Allen
Boudoir By Allen

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Valentine Boudoir
Valentine Boudoir

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Valentines Boudoir Photo Shoot

What's Included in the Valentines Boudoir Shoot

A Full Day of Total Indulgence!
Seriously any women will absolutely love this.
The studio is booked for 24 hours and as it's a real One Bedroom Annexe (and not some souless photo studio) if you want you can stay over after the shoot.
Hair and Make-Up by my very talented artist is included and kicks things off.
There's Prosecco and canapes.
Then at least 2 hours photography where I'll explain everything and we'll move at your pace, you can change as often as you want, 
Afterwards I individually edit and perfect every one of the 60 images you'll receive on a USB.
From these you choose 8 images to be printed and mounted on A4 sized mounts for the Luxury, Hand Made Folio Box and one more image for the 16"x12" Giclee Art Print all ready for framing if you want.  
And finally a 15 minute "behind the scenes" video on the USB

How Do I Book

Easy!  CLICK HERE and just let me know the date you're interested in and I'll get back to you and we'll go from there

What Should I Wear to the Photo Shoot

Glad you asked - I created a PDF HERE that will give you some ideas. However the Boudoir Shoot is All About You so wear what you'll feel comfortable in and what will be the "you" this photoshoot should capture.

Will My Photos Be Shared Anywhere

Only if you expressly say I can. Your photos will almost certainly inspire others to enjoy a Boudoir Photo Shoot but it's entirely up to you.

Who does the Actual Boudoir Photo Shoot

Me!  Read "ABOUT ME" and hopefully you'll feel very relaxed about working with me :-)

Is Hair and Make-Up Included

Yes. I feel it's essential that you use a professional hair and make-up artist so as to make your photos really special - she'll create the "look" you want to perfection - there's no "one size fits all" appraoch but a tailored look just for you.

Will I be Told How to Pose

Oh definitely! I don't expect anyone to have the knowledge to pose in a sexy yet elegant way at a boudoir shoot. I explain the basics but then "create" the perfect position and pose for each shot. 
HOWEVER - this is you and I want to give you photos of yourself that refect who you are so I DON'T tell you what expression to have. The eyes, mouth and facial expression combine to tell YOUR story. 

How Long Will I Have To Wait For My Photos

Usually the 60 photos are edited and the USB sent within a week - once you come back to me with the photos you want for the 8 folio photos and the 1 for the large print you'll receive the within a week also. 

Are There Any Guarantees

Yes - You'll Love It!!
Seriously I have NEVER had any client unhappy during the shoot or not totally satisfied with the photos. Actually I'd be devastated if you're not really very happy indeed.
However - should you not be TOTTALLY SATISFIED with everything then I'll do alll I can to remedy that - even re-do the whole shoot free of charge of neccessary.



Can You Photoshop Out Any Bits I Don't Like

I usually don't need Photoshop - I can create a beautiful image in Lightroom where I'll take the raw photo from the camera and use the tools there to produce the perfect photo for you. 
However I do use Photoshop if you want to reduce any, dare I say, muffin tops or the like. However I will only do this if you ask me to as I feel it would be discourteous to take it uponmyself to do.

How Much Is The Valantines Boudoir Photo Shoot

So for the studio for 24 hours, the hair and make-up, a 2 hour boudoir shoot, 60 digital images, an A4 Folio Box of 8 photos, a 16"x12" art print and a 15 minute video is £375. A£50 deposit secures your booking.

I sometimes have Special Offers and if you'd like to be kept up to date 
CLICK HERE and leave your email 

No spam or rubbish I promise:-)