Why are Boudoir Photoshoots So Expensive

Why do they cost so much?

It's a bit like Wedding Photography (which btw is my day job:-)) where because the work is so specialised and the results so critical there's a premium to pay.

Yes you could ask your friend from work who has a camera to take some Boudoir style photos of you but would they know enough about "boudoir" to actually get pleasing shots of you.

Even experienced Boudoir photographers too often get photos that are in my opinion simply a woman in her underwear.

So let's break it down and see why Boudoir Photography appears to be a luxury few women can afford.





The Boudoir Photographers REPUTATION

In the world of art reputation is everything. And make no mistake Boudoir Photography IS art!  
As a man alone photographing a scantily dressed or naked woman reputation is THE ONLY THING that allows me to do it. One wrong word, a misinterpreted move and my reputation could be in tatters.

Reputation is EVERYTHING to a boudoir photographer. You need to be able to fully trust this person and know that they are capable of making your shoot a great experience.

You’re going to be in a situation where you are potentially nude and extremely vulnerable yet you need to feel totally relaxed and at ease with the photographer.

Reputation comes at a cost - experience and time.

Your friend at work has no reputation because they have no experience and this experience also bestows at least some levle of skill as a boudoir photographer.

Boudoir pricing

Equipment Needed for a Boudoir Shoot

Under "equipment" I've thought beyond the obvious camera to everything else needed when I do a Boudoir Shoot.

To offer a great boudoir experience from beginning to end there's more than just a camera needed.
For instance I couldn't offer the shoots I do currently without:-

Camera - Sony A7iii  (yea ok obvious!) £2200 (plus Nikon D800 and lenses as a back-up)
Lenses - good quality fast prime lens - all F1.4 35mm, 50mm, 85mm  all around £800 each

Lighting - 2 speedlights and 1 studio flash with umbrellas and accessories £1000
The Studio - rented as required
A supplier of Luxury Albums, top quality museum qualtiy photo prints, a framing service  Whilst these don't cost money as the clients covers the cost of these it's taken around 2 years to find the range and quality of products you deserve.
Professional Memberships, Insurance, 

I'd reckon the total outlay to be able to provide the
service I currently offer HERE is at least £6000 

This is obviously a factor in Why Boudoir Photography Costs So Much

Studio Boudoir Photography


Whilst we see each other for 2 to 3 hours at the boudoir shoot that's just the tip of the iceburg.
Beforehand there will have been time spent giving you information, replying to emails, arranging my H&MU artist if required, booking the studio if the shoot will take place there.
I'll be in attendance for your H&MU which is around 90 minutes, afterwards there's the studio to be unpacked and loaded to my car, the drive to and from the studio, and then the biggy...

Every image I give a boudoir client is individually edited - to perfect the composition, colour, tones, lighting contrast as well as using technology to help out with those unwanted lines and blemishes. Every image takes around 10 minutes to create and I include up to 60 with my most expensive package. That's 10 hours work!

Add to that uploading, creating an album and organising prints and framing and in total a boudoir shoot requires around 18 hours work.

Even a plumber would charge more then I do as an hourly rate!

Top Quality Boudoir

Basically it boils down to,

What is a Boudoir Photo Shoot Worth To You?

A Boudoir photoshoot is a luxury experience, its the same as a vacation or a day at the spa. Also bear in mind that its as much about the experience of a boudoir shoot as it is the final images. The vast majority of women are wanting this type of session to boost their confidence, celebrate a milestone or to see themselves in a different light.

Most women have a hard time justifying spending money on themselves but have no problems spending it on their spouse or children. There is a feeling of guilt or of being “selfish”, but in reality, doing something for you is the opposite of being selfish.

Sure boudoir photography isn't neccessary - nor are Gucci clothes or a Rolex watch so it simply is a case of what you value. For many women at certain times a Boudoir Session is EXACTLY what they need to lift confidence, restore self-belief  and give them that boost to rise above everyday life.

Allen is a Full Time Professional Boudoir Photographer with over 7 years experience with dozens of 5 star Boudoir Photography reviews on FacebookFrom his studio in the heart of Suffolk he offers top quality Boudoir Photo Shoots. With 3 Boudoir Packages on offer starting at just £165 there's really no reason not to get in touch to book your shoot.