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Boudoir Photography | Five Reasons You Need to do One

Five reasons you need a boudoir photo shoot.

Once such photos were exclusively the domain of super models and magazine covers and perhaps back then people would also have been less than approving of a normal woman doing such a brazen thing. Maybe they'd even doubt the motives of the photographer - especially when they were male like me.Although back then almost all photographers were men.

Now, thankfully, it's all changed. Women take photos! Women - normal women, do Boudoir Photo Sessions.

So why?

Here's my 5 Reasons to do a Boudoir Photo Shoot.....

1) You will have your hair and make-up done by my professional stylist. She's clever... She will talk to you and transform you into who it is you are today - maybe a fashion model, perhaps a cheeky young thing, or just darn right sexy. You will have about an hour and a half of total pampering, so sit back, relax and sip bubbles.

2) Go shopping!

Even I love shopping and this is the perfect excuse for you to get out and get some clothes you'll love and not only for the photo shoot..... You're partner won't complain either.

3) The sheer Indulgence of it all. The Experience is a whole day at the secluded and private Annex where you can totally switch off. Enjoy peace and quiet, this is your time for you. For today you can be someone different, no kids to collect, no work, no phone to answer - just pure tranquility. Oh and some bubbly!

4) The Experience of being treated as a top class model. To "feel" beautiful, glamorous and sexy and be treated that way. And it's really is that "feeling" that makes the day - it doesn't matter how old you are, what shape you are because beauty is what's inside and as a photographer with many years of experience I'll gently coax that inner beauty to the outside.

5) The photos (of course) On the SAME DAY - I'll individually edit 40 images to present to you - no waiting weeks to see the results! I include an album where you can select your 20 favourite photos. I video many parts of the whole day and create a 20 minute, 4k video of your experience.And, if you wish, you may select other ways to see your beautiful photos. But the best part is when you show your photos to other people, your husband, boyfriend, or just hold them close to your heart and know who you can be.



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