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As we go through life stuff happens - sometimes this stuff is difficult to deal with - sometimes its people who do this and sometimes just life itself.

Whichever, it can damage us and our self confidence.

As a leading Boudoir Photographer I see many women with confidence issues - women who have little self-belief, who doubt their worth and have little self esteem.

Yet, somehow here they are, ready to do a Boudoir photo shoot. I'm impressed!

But let's look at other ways you can boost your confidence and self-esteem - even though a Boudoir Shoot is a great confidence booster!

Firstly, why do people, especially women, lack self confidence.

Let's go back, back to being say 8 or 10 years old. I believe it's here problems can start. By this age you've become aware of who you are; you've started to build this internal image of you. Two things contribute to this image - your basic "born with" personality and your environment such as parents, school, friends and role models.

No matter what your "born with" personality is the external factors can cause doubts and uncertainty and from this point on it's all too easy to have these doubts reinforced.

So maybe you love drawing and do loads of drawing at home and like to think you're pretty good at it - your brothers are so into sports they see anything else as a waste of time and tell you that often. You mother encourages you but Dad wants you to do more maths. Then your art teacher (who is actually trying to help you) has a way of teaching that doesn't feel positive to you and gradually you lose confidence in your ability to draw.

From here on it's a case of "I can't draw" Loss of confidence starts here and creeps into other areas.

As you become a teenager you find yourself gaining a few more pounds than other girls who seem to be getting thinner. You find that sports isn't as much fun as it used to be and the occasional joke about your weight from a friend really hits way harder than it should. More loss of confidence

Continue this story for the next decade and it really isn't surprising many people lack the confidence they should have. In fact it's really only the lucky few who were born with the right personality and had an almost perfect upbringing that have no confidence issues.

I would hazard a guess that 95% of twenty somethings have confidence issues with some aspect of their life.

Most people don't realise this and do nothing about it.

It's only when this lack of confidence starts to intrude on our everyday life that it becomes apparent - it then often escalates and really does affect who we are and what we do.


Boost Your Self Confidence - Six Ideas to Help

1) Do Something Amazing

And that can be anything that'll have people you know saying, "Wow - you did that!" For me it was running a sub 3hr marathon, building a house (literally!), and becoming an award winning, published Boudoir and Wedding Photographer. BTW - everyone who's done a Boudoir Shoot with me has said how much the experience boosted their confidence!

2) Pamper Yourself

If you look good it really does help you "feel" good and that in turn is a great confidence booster. I have a few really good clothes and I always wear my Boss suit to weddings - it just helps me fell like I can do this, like I'm as well dressed as anyone at the wedding which I find gives me confidence. Perhaps you'll find the same after a make-over, having your hair done, wearing that super sexy expensive dress just because you can

3) Do Something New

Our brains are really good at learning new things and the more you learn, the better you get at it and the more likely you find something you can enjoy doing.

We all need a creative outlet; music, photography, art, dance, games, sewing, cooking – all you need to do is get on YouTube and find some tutorials. All the information you need is out there – it’s just waiting for you to watch it.

4) Keep Visual Reminders of Things That Make You FEEL GOOD

Mementoes and Photographs are a great way to remind you of things you’ve been doing - to visually and constantly feed your brain subconsciously with "good" information rather than any negative thoughts, fears and emotions from the conscious brain. How about making a "Good Times" collage in your bedroom with photos of you and "good" times.

Certainly a place for the Boudoir Photos that will revive your self esteem every time you see them.

5) List out the things that are GOOD in you Life.

No matter how bad things seem, as someone living in modern society there will be some things that are positive in your life even if it's only "I have my next meal in the cupboard" Try and think about these, make a list of them and leave it somewhere prominent so it's a constant reminder that not everything is bad.

6) Help Someone Else

It's all too easy when we're feeling down to focus all your attention on yourself. Break this circle of inward looking by finding someone you can help. Maybe one of your children struggling with their homework, a neighbour who's too old to cut their lawn; maybe you have a skill like baking - make someone a great cake!


Seeing yourself as someone different, seeing yourself as beautiful, confident, sexy attractive and worthy will undoubtedly lift your confidence and with a few pf these photos in your bedroom to see each morning will guarantee you start the day right. EVERY single client I've done a BOUDOIR SHOOT with has said that it boosted their confidence, both at the actual shoot and when they got the photos afterwards. SO back to point Number 1 - DO SOMETHING AMAZING - get in touch to find out more

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