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The Boudoir Photo Shoot Experience - Guidance


Thank you for choosing to enjoy “the Experience” Boudoir Photo Shoot. It’ll do everything I can to make you smile, relax and grow in confidence.

My objective is twofold:-

1) To provide an unforgettable day where you’ll have time and space to relax, be someone else for the day, and enjoy the indulgence and pampering and being the center of attention.

Today You Are a Star!

2) To use every ounce of my photographic knowledge, skill and artistry to create superb images of you that will flatter you and show a side of you that was maybe hidden and bursting to be seen. Photos that you’ll want to look at everyday to remind you that you are a star and have mountains of confidence..


The day of your Experience should be really special - look forward to it!

Also think about why you’re doing this - want to you want to get out of it- who will you be on the day. I’ve met Hollywood film stars, burlesque artists, shy demure innocent girls and super confident fashion models. Well at least that’s who they were on their shoot so be whoever you want!

Outfits - I’d suggest at least 3 with also some accessories. You’ve probably seen my “10 Perfect Boudoir Outfits”. If not it’s HERE


The Willows Low St Bardwell Suffolk IP31 1AS

From A143 Bury Road take the A1088 North at Ixworth then after 300 m turn right into Bardwell Road. After about a mile this becomes Low Street and The Willows is along there on the Left. If you see Knox Lane on the right you’ve gone too far!

The Owner is Ruth on 01359252896 Just in case.

Please arrive by 9.30 am as Sharron is scheduled to arrive by 10am. I’ll be there from around 9.30am .

There’s off street parking in the drive.


Please do explain who you want to be and what look you want etc.

She is an experienced and accomplished MU artist so go for it!



If the champagne helps great - or maybe you need some caffeine to get going! Either way I’ll give you a few minutes chill time to get into the mood and character.

We’ll start with an outfit you’re comfortable in, maybe a slinky dress or robe and go from there.

I’ll explain and even demonstrate the poses - it is all about the detail so be prepared for quite a bit of adjusting at a fairly slow pace to get the shots. Whilst I explain the pose I DO WANT YOU TO COME THROUGH

So please add your character in the way you look, your eyes, even what you’re thinking will affect the photos.

We’ll do several shots in each pose then move on.

At some point it’ll be time for the next outfit when we’ll do similar shots as before but not identical - each outfit will offer different opportunities for good photos.

If at any point you’re not happy to do a certain pose SAY SO!

It’s much better to stay relaxed and comfortable than push too far and get stressed. That said - this is all about you being a different you to the everyday one so getting to the edge of your comfort zone is good.

Speaking of which….

I’ll mention here so you’re prepared.... Think about - do you want nude photos? Before you immediately say No let me explain.

I see Boudoir as an artistic form of photography - its why I love it as it allows me to express my artistic abilities.

Nude photography is another step up the artistic ladder and becomes purely about light, shape, form and texture. It will allow me to give you a whole different set of images. You’ll probably never get another chance to do this and I promise that every photo is always elegant and tasteful and during the shoot we’ll exercise as much discretion as possible using robes and sheets etc.

But it’s entirely up to you.


I’ll leave you for around two hours whilst I edit and process the 40 images for you.

You can visit the local country pub, or Wycken Vineyards for a snack and a walk around their lovely gift shop. When I return we'll look through the images on my laptop and you can choose the 20 of the 40 images to be included in your album which I'll produce in the next week and send to you. You might also want to consider having your favourite photos printed - I offer a range of products from Box Framed Prints to Acrylics to Canvases. You also have the option to purchase a USB drive with all your 40 images on.

This concludes what I truly hope will have been an unforgettable day and one that will be with you as a lifetime memory.

If you have queries then please contact me on BoudoirByAllen@gmail.com or 07425 169341

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