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What is Boudoir Photography?

And just as important - Why would any woman want these photos?

So what is it first - Boudoir photography has been around as long as cameras have which is about 180 years. Before that it was down to artists to create paintings that we'd now class as Boudoir; and they did that from ancient times.

Back then the artist saw their painting of a nude woman (or maybe with a thin veil) as art. Michael Angelo, daVinci, VanGogh, and a thousand other famous artists all, at sometime painted nudes. You might think that the models were just that - however many times the model was actually a lady (in the proper meaning of the word) wanting a nude portrait of herself and the artist was commissioned to do it.

So here we can answer the what and the why of Boudoir Photography together - beauty and art that a woman wants so as to see herself as something beautiful.

Ok, I hear you saying, but surely it's men who want this....
Well I'd say no.

Men (and btw I am one of that lot) are more interested in photos of women in an overtly sexual way rather than artistic. That is NOT Boudoir Photography. For me and all "proper" boudoir photographers (and artists) want to create two things in a Boudoir Photograph - a beautiful image and a story. A story about this woman, what is she thinking, What does that look mean, Are her eyes really saying that? It's not easy and 90% of the Boudoir Photographs I see fall short of doing this - and no surprise as it's really difficult to capture a beautiful image that's artistic in terms of shape. lighting, composition, pose, and then to capture at the same time intrigue, suggestion and emotion.

And that's why I love Boudoir Photography

It's a challenge - to meet a woman for the first time, to chat for a while and get to know her at the very surface level and then within minutes try to capture deep emotions, feelings and thoughts whilst also perfecting the lighting, pose, and composition. It's so easy to take a photo of a nervous women in her underwear looking awkward with everyday lighting that says nothing.

It's so hard to artistically capture the beauty, both inner and outer of this unique, confident, intriguing woman whose saying something simply by being.

It's challenge that for me makes Boudoir Photography the best work I do.

Wedding photography is stressful, full on and I am not the most important person the room. My job is multi faceted, to document the day, the venue, the guests,capture the emotions and yes some great shots of the couple but all the while without taking over the day. With Boudoir its the client and me and my camera with the sole purpose of creating art for her to enjoy for the rest of her life.

My gift is to allow her to see herself differently.

She's not just a mother, a wife, a cleaner, a cook, a shop manager, a taxi driver, a....... whatever she does everyday. Whilst all these are admirable and worthy there's more..... She's a work of art both inside and out that's buried beneath the requirements of everyday life.

My gift is to find this within her and reveal this beautiful, glamorous and desirable women within for all time.

Allen is a full time professional wedding and boudoir photographer and can be contacted here

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