• Allen Blasdell

Wonderful Boudoir Photo Shoot with Amy

Most of the #boudoirshoot I do are at the clients home. I really do believe that it's the best place - they are "at home" literally! They feel comfortable and secure and will be at their most relaxed and secure. However most boudoir clients are still a little bit apprehensive and when they open the door the first thing I do is to make them relax, "no pressure, it's all about you..." But Amy was immediately confident and relaxed with no signs of any apprehension - in fact really eager to get on with it!

Whilst Amy's house was in the process of being renovated there were still several choices of location for the boudoir photo-shoot. We used the lounge and dining room, and the bedroom which was thankfully free of too many distractions.

Here's a quick few shots and typical of what I do on a Boudoir Photo Shoot. You can arrange your shoot here

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